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Biological processes are often represented as networks such as protein-protein interaction networks, transcription factor-target genes networks and metabolic pathways. An understanding of these networks furthers our insight into much of the complex data being generated from large-scale genomic studies such as the whole-genome sequencing and microarray analysis. Given expression microarray data between phenotypes, we can obtain a list of significant genes or gene sets. There were approaches to to identify these gene sets (sub-networks) based on priori network information. We proposed a novel genetic algorithm to search for phenotype-responsive sub-networks. For more details, please see Genetic Algorithm page. The Subnetwork Toolkit is composed of our sub-network search algorithm as well as some utilities for further analyses.


  • Latest stable version: 1.0.0


  • .NET framework 4.0 or higher
  • Mono Framework 2.6 or higher


For more information, please contact me at Yongkee Cho.

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